Alternative car Service and Parking at Dulles International Airport

They will be happy to charge an arm and a leg for parking because once you are there you have no other choice but to park in a lot of expensive them. Thanks to the internet become savvy shoppers and realize that many of the things they used to do is not the best choice. I will show you how the booking limo or car service is cheaper than driving.

so I have checked great parking rates for Dulles (IAD).

Daily parking is $ 17 per day at Dulles Airport. Let’s assume that you’re going from downtown DC to Dulles. Total distance for the round trip would be about 60 miles. Let’s also pretend that you are going away for two weeks. To translate the above into dollars will be equal to $ 17 times 14 = $ 238 plus gas to travel 60 miles with the current gas price is $ 3.79. You will spend about $ 15. So 238 + 15 = $ 253.

By the same principle if you are going away for 10 days in total add $ 185. Now the point is, the parking lot at Dulles expensive. But why do you have to pay a lot for parking when you can get a car service to Dulles for a flat rate of $ 89 round trip will cost only $ 178. You will travel in a luxury sedan. Your car will wait 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled take time. You will have cold water in the back waiting for your magazines and more. Whether it’s a vacation or business trip will still make sense to book a car service because it costs less than parking and is equipped with so many benefits as well. It turned out that a luxury car service can be almost the same as a taxi ride after comparing the taxi fare from DC to Dulles that the average cost of about $ 73 for no traffic. But we are all aware of how our region. If it is not rush hour there is construction, lane closures etc so you may end up paying about the same as a taxi driver. How many taxis are clean you’ve seen in DC? With ice cold bottles of water and candy in the back. Or the drivers were very courteous and the suite? We all know that the answer is – no. In the end its up to you how to get to the airport but I want just to show you in a short article that might be worth trying a car service when you are traveling. I assure you will love it.

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